Fun Run Update

  • The next HydroMod fun run will be on September 16th at 6:30pm Pacific. We will be running Grand Prix/Unlimited Lights at Detroit. I moved the race dates to Saturdays in an effort to have more participation.

    No minimum speed;
    Last mill lap must be a full lap;
    In keeping with Grand Prix rules, there will be a score-up: 1 minute at the start/finish line.
    Lanes will be established at the entrance buoy of turn 2, after the score-up, leading up to the start.
    DMZs will not be enforced.

    RSVP to the race by replying with your name and the boat you'd like to run.

    Go fast, turn left!

    Beau Rarig, UL-56 Miss Diagnosed

  • Eddie Kanfoush
    UL-5 Miss Kim

    See you then!

  • UL 15 Mikes Hard Lemonade

  • Jody Harshman

    U-929 Ice Harbor!

  • The race time has been moved to 7:00pm Pacific.

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