HydroSim Alpha v0.1.6406.26672

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    Hey everyone, I've got an early version for you all to test/play around with. It is by no means ready for actual races yet.
    This is more a test to see if the game will run on your system and to test basic network functionality.

    There is no race logic yet.

    Control Mappings:
    When you first launch the game, there is a dialog box, click the Input tab. From here you can map the following controls:

    Camera controls:
    Insert: cycle onboard cameras
    PageUp/PageDown: cycle TV cameras
    Numpad+/-: cycle other drivers

    Oh and if you flip over, just mash R until your boat flips back over.

    From the main menu, you can select from a few boats. Click the Host button to play/host your own local server.

    To join the UHL dedicated server, enter www.uhlhydroplanes.com into the box next to Join, then click the Join button.

    Just extract the zip file anywhere, then run HydroSim.exe

    Download HydroSim v0.1.6406.26672

    Newer version available Here

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    Pretty stoked with this! Have to run it at 800 x 600, but I have a crappy computer. Love having control of the canard!

    For those who can't map their gas and brake pedals separately, it may be worth mapping the throttle to a button and canard to your pedal, seems like fine control of the canard is more important than throttle.

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    Ha, nice, at least it runs. Definitely needs a more powerful computer than rFactor.

    Which pedals do you have, are they combined axis? Sometimes the drivers have an option for toggling them to use split axis.

    I did some tweaks to the netcode, I'll probably put an update up soon, I noticed it was pretty laggy with 4-5 people on the server.

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    I have a Logitech gt driving force wheel and pedals. Was able to separate the gas and brake, just took time to figure it out.

  • Looks great so far! It runs fine on my Windows 10 laptop, but for some strange reason, it's not recognizing my wheel. The strange part is it recognizes my pedals, but not the steering wheel. When I run the game, I have full control of the throttle and canard, but the boat constantly wants to turn to the right.

  • Very nice! Already enjoy this more than the Rfactor hydromod, hope this is the future of hydro simming!
    Love the addition of the canard wing, it brings so much more to the table in terms of the realism and racing in general.

    Every now and then, it won't allow me to join the uhl server as I'll click join and the camera will pan out like its going to the course for a second, then go back to the menu.

    Nonetheless, I'm really excited for updates in the future!

  • Runs great for me, on my same old Core i5 and AMD Radeon HD 7700 I'm getting about 80 fps at 1920x1080.

  • runs perfect! I'm at full settings and getting between 55-65 fps! by far one of the most polished alpha releases I've seen! So stoked to see this progress!

  • @Scott-Przybylski I can't get enough of this water! It's like it's alive. It's going to be crazy bouncing around in the wakes with 6 boats on the course!

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    @craigmont :D Hoping to have an update with some netcode tweaks and the replay system in a couple weeks.

  • @Scott-Przybylski Can I give you one small request? Could you put the RPM and speed display in a black box? It's hard to read if you're driving a white boat.

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    @craigmont Yeah I'm planning on re-working the HUD

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    I'm aiming to release the first cut of the replay system sometime this week. There's still some major bugs I need to squash when playing saved replay files. Can't switch camera between drivers and the buoys don't show up for some reason...

    I've set it up similar to rFactor. Your boat no longer automatically spawns when you connect to the server, instead there's a lobby that will be used for displaying results/replay/live action. For now, since there is no concept of race sessions, the replays will start recording as soon as you join the server and will automatically save when leave the server. If you exit the game without leaving the server the replay won't be saved.

    Stay tuned!!





  • @Scott-Przybylski I don't think your on Facebook but want you to know this game has a lot of people interested in it.

  • Can't wait to try this! I'm having issues mapping the controls.

    I don't see an "Input" tab anywhere when launching?

    Help please!

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    @Flying-H When you run the HydroSim.exe a dialog pops up, click the Input tab.


    Then you'll need to scroll down a little bit, you'll need to map Throttle, Rudder, Canard, LookLeft, and LookRight


    Eventually this will all be moved into a configuration menu inside the game, but for now this is the way to map controls.

  • Ahh I see now. I was looking for it after the game launched :relaxed:

    Thanks Scott, and thanks for working on / making this!!

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