I've loaded Discord. Would like to test with someone.

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    As stated in Title. If I can use and understand a little better I can help and add friends. Does Discord automatically connect with Hydromod?

    Bill B

  • Bill, you'll have to add yourself to our voice server, which is separate from Hydromod. The info can be found in the Discord post here. Since you're using Windows xp, you'll need to use the browser version since the app only supports Win7-10. :disappointed: The only drawback to this is you can't setup a push-to-talk key.

    You'll need a microphone if you want to talk to us. I use a Zalman Zm-Mic1 and it's a good quality mic for the price. Any desk-mounted or headset mic will work too.

  • I'm on Windows 10 with the laptop I race on. I'm setup, just not sure where to find hydromod folks.

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