Dead boat list?

  • Hi Gang!

    Is anyone going to drive any of the following boats any more? I'm not saying mods or admins need to do anything, but if they're dead I'd like to clean up my boat list in the game.

    Banana Boat
    DRL Boat
    Kodak Max
    Serious Sam
    Frosted Flakes 2019
    U-6 Miss HomeStreet Bank (fictional)
    Miss Coca Cola
    Orange Vanilla coke
    Reign Energy
    Miss Castrol
    There are 3 Matt Johnson Designs
    Miss Budweiser 2019
    Miss Discord
    Miss Geico
    Napa Auto Parts
    U-16 Red Bull Racing
    Kotis Design
    Tequila Patron ESM
    Rockstar Energy
    Rainbow Warrior
    Banshee X
    Fun Haver
    Miss T-Mobile
    U-28 RedBull
    Dr. Pepper
    U-33 Miss Red Bull
    U-35 Miss Whitetip
    U-36 Miss Washington
    U-44 UPS
    Miss Wolfenstien
    Miss Viper
    Republic Airline
    The 4 NOS boats
    Oh Brother
    Miss Nesquik
    Miss FedEx Express
    Sea Witch
    Ecco The Dolphin
    Koolaid FPV
    The Joker
    Green Float

  • I removed most of my early poorly made boats from the dropbox a while ago. I like having the Banshee boats around as fantasy boats for anyone to use, same with the Doom and Ecco boats. Everything else I made (Serious Sam, Wolfenstein, Whitetip, and lol I forgot I made a T-mobile boat) probably aren't gonna be used even when messing around any time soon.

    Most of Cei's boats probably aren't going to be used since he isn't as active these days.

  • What are Cei's boats?

  • @craigmont I'm not running The Joker anymore. All of my boats have been removed from the Dropbox, but if I decide to run one of them in a season, they'll be uploaded again.

  • I did the Oh Brother for Cei, but he's never used it and probably never will.

  • I only have 2 Matt Johnson Design boats and the 2020 one is probably the only one I'll use from now on.

  • The Miss Castrol and Rockstar Energy are 2 boats I made and use them most of the time when I decide to run a fantasy boat

  • We do have a fantasy boat list

    I think it’s time to clean it up and limit everybody to one U number

  • Cei currently has 18 boats on the list. That's too many. As for my boats, I've removed the U48 Oberto from the list so I only have the U65 now.

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