vr mode help please?

  • first off I want to thank whoever is behind the creation of this sim. this sim blew me away. I went on steam community to promote boat racing sims and nobody has replied. after some youtubing I found some vids on this sim and nearly fell off my stool. I honestly feel like im dreaming because I didn't think there was anything more than just rfactor. and to see that there is a way to implement vr I really feel like running around my block butt naked in excitement.

    Im new to pc gaming and I purchased a prebuilt at near $2000. it runs great.

    I need help getting this set up in vr. what does it mean to create a short cut? target? can someone kindly walk me through this? . im in my infancy in pc gaming. again thank you to all!!!

    i7 8700
    rtx 2080

    oculus cv1

  • @chrisv hey join are discord channel and somebody can walk you through it. Here’s the link https://discord.gg/hpQqCtW

  • sweet. thank you. waiting for 10 min so I can ask for help. thxxx

  • What’s your name on discord so I can give you access to our channels

  • my name on the discord is 'sparc'

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