System Requirements?

  • Hey guys, Does anyone know what the preferred system requirements are for this game? I was able to use it on my MacBook, but seems to be a little laggy. I may need to buy a stronger system. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • @TyEchols Try a lower graphics setting when you start the game?

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    @TyEchols System requirements are sort of difficult to figure out. I can only test the game on hardware that I own.

    The game runs well on my computer, I can generally get above 100fps.

    My main system specs are:

    Intel i7 3930k (High end 7 year old CPU)
    Radeon R9 290
    32gb ram

    The performance on Mac will be worse than Windows or Linux due to OpenGL driver support. I also do not own a Mac, so most of my testing is on Windows and Linux.

    From what I can tell, the most important thing for the game to run well is a good GPU.

    I've only briefly tested on Mac, most of the time I can't seem to get the water to show up at all. I have found that MacBook's tend to run extremely high screen resolutions which will negatively impact the performance of the game. I run 1920x1080 on my computer, I'd recommend setting the game's resolution to that or even lower to help with performance.

  • @Scott-Przybylski thanks for the information. Looks like ill buy a new system. Too cool of a game to not play! Thanks again,

  • @craigmont I didn’t notice a change. Thanks though

  • It might be worth while taking some sort of survey of the regular players to see what their specs are and what frame rate they get. Maybe then we could get a better idea of what it takes to currently run the game well beyond the vague "decent gaming PC".

  • @DJ-Miller i just bought a new laptop today, i7 77HQ 16gb ram and Geforce GTX 1060 6gb, and runs great. Now i need the wheel and pedals!

  • @TyEchols Aside from turning the graphics to lowest on a normal laptop, getting a gaming laptop or desktop with dedicated graphics card should work out just fine. I have a desktop I built in 2009 (CPU, motherboard are original) with upgraded graphics card from 2015 and can play the game on max graphics just fine.

  • @TyEchols many of us have had good experiences with the Logitech G27/G920 wheel and pedal combo. Not cheap at ~$300, but well worth it if you can swing it.

  • @TyEchols The G920 is only $238 on Amazon right now. I've seen it as low as $230 but it could get cheaper. I would keep an eye on it though

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    @TyEchols Fanatec has some good wheels too, but they can be a bit pricey I have one of their older wheels that is discontinued now, but works really well.

  • I've heard Fanatec has a bit of a "reliability" issue right now, but their customer service is good.

  • If you have a PS4 or Xbox one I would look into logitech since I know a lot of people use it since it's compatible with PC and the system that you desire. They are also very reliable!

  • @TinyBeard I now have the G920, and love it. Thanks for the advice guys. I cant wait to race with you all.

  • @Scott-Przybylski
    I run a gt 540 on my laptop

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