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  • 0_1533342947417_Screenshot (12).png @Scott-Przybylski I've been working in blender on making a model of the Blue Bridge and I think I have it done. Here's a screenshot of it, the site won't let me upload the file so let me know if you would like me to send it to you some other way. I understand you're busy so no rush.

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    @PensiveDolphin wow, that's looking pretty good. I see you already emailed it to me.

    Did you set up texture maps for it?

    Also, I used an asset called easy roads in Unity to make the San Diego bridges. I just made a small section of the bridge and a pillar. Then it procedurally generates it with a road using splines.

    The blue bridge would be more difficult since it has that large blue truss section. That could easily just be a separate model though.

  • I don't mean to be too critical, but it seems a bit too wide. The bridge has two lanes each way, while this model looks like there's room for three or four each way. Nice job on it though.

  • 0_1533447445337_Screenshot (18).png I made it a little skinnier and added some textures. I just started using this program on tuesday so some of them aren't great. Feel free to make any more suggestions for me to work on.

  • @PensiveDolphin that looks so good. Nice job

  • Looks perfect.

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    Nice, that's really good for only just starting in Blender. I tried measuring the bridge in google maps. Looks like its 1145 ft long and about 70ft wide. I'm not sure how tall it is though.

    The road might need to be tiled a bit more, so the stripes aren't so long. Any idea what the triangle count is? We may need to make differen't LODs.

    Also if the flag is flat, can probably make it into cloth in Unity and have it actually wave around.

    Edit: Hmmm, wikipedia says 2,520 ft long.

    Shoot me an updated model when you get a chance, I can try importing into the game, so we can see what needs to be adjusted.

    Another edit: Found some more dimensions here:


    • Length of largest span: 520.0 ft.
    • Total length: 2,521.1 ft. (0.5 mi.)
    • Deck width: 63.3 ft.
    • Vertical clearance above deck: 18.3 ft.

  • @Scott-Przybylski I emailed you an updated version of it with dimensions that are as close as I could get to the ones that were provided.
    I don't know how to adjust the tiling on the road to make the road texture have shorter lines or what the triangle count is, or what LODs are haha so I left those alone but if you know of a good way for me to try and learn about those and how to do that I'll see what I can do.
    I had the flag acting as if it were cloth in a previous rendition but for some reason when I started messing with the dimensions, it stopped acting like it was. I tried adjusting a bunch of the settings for it but I couldn't get it to work right so I just took the physics out of it for now but if you'd like, I can try and go back and get it to work.

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    @PensiveDolphin Cool I'll take a look at it soon. LOD stands for level of detail. Typically games will have a few models at different resolutions that will swap out at further distances to lessen the load on the GPU.

    I'll take a look at the texture mapping and try to give some tips.

    For the flag, Unity has cloth simulation, so that can be setup in game, just need a flat plane for the flag. The cloth simulation in blender won't be used unless you save it out to a looped animation. Eventually I'll setup wind in game though.

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