• Just downloaded this tonight. What are some tips or tricks to getting better? Does everybody use their keyboard or what? Just been doing some practice laps and it is rough so far

  • We recommend using a videogame racing wheel, such as a Logitech G920. A more affordable option would be to use a Xbox controller, or something like it. Both options are far superior to using a keyboard.

  • I also invite you to join us for some upcoming races this Saturday the 7th and the 14th. Qualifying will begin at 6pm Pacific time. If you'd like to race with us, follow the link below to register.

  • I don't believe I have the most up to date version if you will. I am struggling mightly

  • The most current version is If you went to the HydroSim tab at the top of the page and clicked "Get HydroSim" you have the most current version.

  • I only have like 8-10 boats to chose from. Is that typical?

  • @kylebipes Yes. That's what the game starts with. It is possible to add boats to the game by taking the textures from the rFactor HydroMod and renaming the files.

  • @CanYouFoush how do you do that?

  • @Beau-Rarig please excuse my lack of computer knowledge but how would i go about using my sons xbox controller?

  • @ThibodauxRacing Its a little complex. First, plug the controller into the computer. Windows will recognize the controller as a gaming controller. From there you can test the buttons and axes (ie triggers and joysticks) and get an idea of how to map them out. For simplicity, I would recommend this sequence while mapping a controller:

    Throttle (+): joystick 1 button 0
    [A button]
    Canard (+): joystick 1 button 5
    [left button]
    Canard (-): joystick 1 button 4
    [right button)
    Rudder: joystick 1 axis 0
    [left stick]
    Canard: joystick 1 axis 2
    [right/left triggers]

    Joystick 1 is what my computer calls my controller. if you double click the area under the primary column, next to the desired input and press or move an input, it will tell the game to use that controller movement for the specific game function.

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