Hydrosim lagging

  • Haven't gone on Hydrosim in a while so thought I'd jump on today except there was a huge difference from the last time I played. Without changing any settings at all with the game or my cpu, the game is now lagging and running at 20-25 FPS with the fastest settings set on versus 50-60 FPS before.

    Before I was getting smooth FPS but now I can hardly complete a lap with how glitchy it is. I had the latest update the last time I raced and the game was running great. Only thing I can even possibly think of that may have affected the graphics is I have been taking my computer with me to a few different places but that should not have affected anything with my FPS.

    Anyone else having this sort of problem? Any suggestions to how I can solve this?

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    @PeytonHopp not sure what would cause it to drop without changing anything other than maybe something else was running in the background eating up your CPU? I'd bring up task manager and make sure something else isn't using up your computers resources.

  • Whoops, disregard this post! Found the issue, I had the monitor plugged into the wrong GPU port. My cpu has 2 ports and I was accidentally using the intel port which is above the other port that my Nvidia graphics card is.

    My bad, should have diagnosed it a bit more before posting here, all is good now

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