TNH Modern Season 18, Race 8

  • San Diego Bayfair Bill Muncey Cup. Febuary 14, 6:30 PDT qualifying.
    For the Final Heat 6 boats on the front line with 1 trailer.

  • 5 boats entered the season finale San Diego Bayfair Bill Muncey Cup. Chris Porten took top qualifier driving the U-21 Lakeridge Paving. John Steach was able to get his U-10 Tosti Asti to the pits for only his 2nd race of the season but didn't look rusty with heat wins in all 3 of his heats. Porten picked up 2 heat wins and Mickey Washburn 1. The final showed promise of a great final to end the season. But Steach had lane 1 nailed the start and was gone. Washburn in the Bud tried to run him down but couldn't. Porten, Jeff DeWalt, and James Bandit battle for 3rd but Porten ended with it at the end. Washburn takes home the Season High points Championship for the 2nd year in a row.

                          Final Heat Results
                    1st Tosti Asti
                    2nd Miss Budweiser
                    3rd Lakeridge Paving
                    4th Miss 7-Eleven
                    5th DeWalt Tools

  • Final Heat video

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