TNH Modern Season 18, Race 7

  • We had 5 Boats enter the Coeur D'Alene Diamond Cup tonight. The night started off with the Mickey taking top qualifier honors. In heat action CP and Adam won the first flight of heats, and CP and Jeff winning the second flight of heats. The Hoss Mortgage had to withdraw from the night because their driver was ill. So with only 4 boats left we ran a 4 boat heat 3A which was won by Mickey the only boat that didn't flip. So on to the final heat with a 4 boat field. CP nailed the start and never looked back. Jeff was late at the start and Adam and Mickey tried to hang but both flipped.

                Final Heat Results
                1st Lakeridge Paving
                2nd DeWalt Tools
                3rd Miss Budweiser
                4th DegreeMen

  • CP is killing it this season!

  • Too bad I missed a race because I forgot about it.

  • Final Heat video

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