TNH Modern Season 18, Race 3

  • October 25, 6:30 PDT qualifying. Lucas Oil Indiana Governors Cup Madison

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  • 6 boats showed up for the 3rd race of the season. The Bud driven by Mickey Washburn continued his streak of top qualifier. All three flights of heats were randomly drawn the same. But we still had some great battles and multiple heat winners. Jeff DeWalt driving the DeWalt tools lead in points heading into the final. Joining him on the front row were Washburn, Chris Porten U-21 Lakeridge Paving, and the Adam Putich 88 DegreeMen. Bill Brandt U5 Graham Trucking and Jim Bandit U-7-11 were the trailers. The final starting with the Bud nailing the start and leading for 3laps but the start of lap 4 in turn 1 he took a little to wide of a turn and DeWalt was there knocking on the and took the lead and never looked backed. DeWalt makes it 3 different winners in 3 races.

                              Final Heat Results

    1st DeWalt Tools
    2nd Budweiser
    3rd Lakeridge Paving
    4th Graham Trucking
    5th 7-Eleven
    DNF DegreeMen

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