TNH Modern Season 18

  • THN Modern Season 18 (Except on Wednesdays) is here! (Running on rfactor) For season 18 you must pick a boat that has raced in real life (no UHL boats). The season is based on the 2013 season with a total of 8 races. All races will start with qualification at 6:30 Pacific time. We will have one round of qualification, three sets of preliminary heats, a consolation (if needed) and a winner-take-all final. The Gold Cup and the World Championship will have a 4th set of preliminary heats. 80 MPH minimum milling speed will be enforced with 1 warning then a lap penalty. We will again be using the DMZ areas during the milling period. If your caught in one you will receive a 1 lap penalty.

    Race dates are subject to change based upon unforeseen needed adjustments or other requests of any regularly attending driver.

    October 4- Oryx Cup UIM World Championship Doha Qatar (San Diego)
    October 11- Big Wake Weekend Sacramento (Detroit)
    October 25- Lucas Oil Indiana Governors Cup Madison
    November 22- Detroit APBA Gold Cup
    November 29- Tri-Cities Columbia Cup (San Diego)
    December 20- Albert Lee Cup Seattle (Detroit)
    January 24th- Diamond Cup Coeur d' Alene (Madison)
    January 31st- San Diego Bayfair

    Boat Selection will be in order of finish from last season with newcomers on a first come-first serve after those earning points have finished their selection. Selections must be completed prior to September 27th to allow the new drivers to select (newcomers can post on this forum a list of boats in priority order to reserve a boat if it is not taken). Only the High points champ from last season will run a U-1 boat.

    Mickey Washburn- U-1 Miss Budwieser
    Jeff DeWalt- U-6 DeWalt Tools
    Beau Rarig- U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors
    John Steach- U-10 Tosti Asti
    James Bandit- U-7-11 Miss 7-Eleven
    Kallen Washburn- pass
    Chris Porten- U-21 Lakeridge Paving
    Pete Schille- U-30 Domino's Pizza
    Adam Putich- 88 DegreeMen
    Jody Harshman-
    Gene Melang- U-74 Olympia Beer
    Bill Brandt- U-5 Graham Trucking
    Joey Caines-

  • 2007 U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors

  • Jeff picks the U-6 DeWalt Tools Steach is up next

  • registered-users

    Yes I want the DeWalt U-6 Hull.

  • James Bandit says he wants the U-7-11 Miss 7-Eleven.

  • I would like the U-1 Red Graham Trucking if not taken

  • You'll have to pick a different graham trucking boat only the points champ from the season before can run a u-1 boat

  • @Mickey
    Understand....How about U-5 Graham Trucking?

  • @Allrc1 it yours if nobody ahead of you picks it

  • registered-users

    Tosti Asti U-10

  • @Mickey Thanks

  • Kallen passes so CP is up now

  • 2014 U-21 Lakeridge Paving (Tri-Cities)

    I probably won't be able to use Discord since it crashes my game right now.

  • @cp65 Just a thought....I use discord on my phone versus computer

  • Hi All,

    I hope to do some racing this season. I am open to a few boats.

    DegreeMen (going to need some to keep Cool😎) if anyone wants it I'll go

    oh boy Oberto. Not sure if the 2013 was U1 or not.

    stop freakin call Becon.

    I sure like how we try to copy that race year. Have we ever done it that you have to pick boats that ran that year (give or take a year?)

  • @Aputich If we ran a season where we had to pick boats from a single season, then the amount of boats to choose from would be small, which could mean less participation.

  • Did some practice laps at San Diego. 51.690. The Hoss is ready.

  • We did do 1 season of only the 2013 season I think the year that graham trucking was u1 there’s a lot of boats from that season in the game.

  • Pete Schille says he wants the U-30 Domino's Pizza.

  • @Mickey that's pretty cool. I am pretty new and have not read all the forums so this may have been a discussion. I think I read there has been some different rules at different times. But am courious on others thoughts on how it was.

    over the years (some times it was painful too) the different race rules that were in place in certine decades of H1. Have we replicated different race formats from the year we are replicating. I.E. assigned lanes, or lane choice are a couple that just pop up.

    I'd like to know your thoughts.

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