HydroSim Alpha v0.3.0.0 (RaceSystem + Experimental Mac build)

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    New version of the HydroSim alpha featuring the new RaceSystem. The race system has practice, qualifying, and race sessions. The qualifying rules currently allow each driver 4 laps and the race session is 3 laps + race clock. Allowing server admin to adjust rules is on the TODO list.

    I heard there's some interest for a Mac build, I was able to generate one with Unity, however I have no way to test it, so it may not work correctly. If anyone has a Mac, try it out and let me know.

    Download HydroSim v0.3.0.0 (Windows)

    Newer version available here

    Download HydroSim v0.3.0.0 (Mac)


    • Added initial implementation of the Race System.
    • Added server admin capability.
    • Adjusted the race course to 2.5 miles.
    • Buoys are not sync'd with the server yet.

    The server admin password on the UHL dedicated server is hydroadmin

    PLEASE post any bugs or issues as a reply to this topic.

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    Argh! What the heck, seems like none of the lap/timing stuff is working now, back to the drawing board...

  • I'm not sure how it's intended to be, but the 5 minute warmup is being counted as the first lap, so races are only 2 laps. Is this correct?

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    @CanYouFoush No, I'm trying to fix it right now, all of the lap timing stuff is out of whack.

  • New personal best! Lol!0_1504932962408_20170908_215547.jpg

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    I'll put up a new build tomorrow to hopefully fix some of the lap and timing issues. I'll probably also take the Mac build down as its too buggy to play with.

  • It looks like there is a glitch on the very first lap, when you enter turn one it sometimes registers a lap, no idea where the timing is coming from though.

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    @kbest45 ok thanks, I'll see if I can re-produce it

  • @Scott-Przybylski it looks like it's just registering the time from when you enter the instance until the time you cross the start finish...I jumped in and went straight to the start/ finish (cut right through dmz) and got the following lap time0_1504972676679_20170909_085532.jpg

    Fyi, this was in qualifying session

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    OK, I think I've got it mostly sorted out, the only thing left is an issue with leaving the course and re-entering the course. The current lap seems to be getting out of sync.

  • @Scott-Przybylski Sweet! Not sure how the logic works, but if you can make it so the clock keeps going until you go back and pick up a missed buoy that could work. And disable the logic prior during the 5 min clock in race mode (so you can go anywhere). There probably doesn't need to be any logic for going outside the outer course markers....as there is no advantage to that.

    Happy to help test or help in any way, this sim is already awesome and will be amazing when some of these features are worked out!

    Lastly, probably just personal preference, but the corners on this 2.5 mile course don't seem to drive as well as the previous course...I am guessing they are shaped similarly, but it seems impossible to hold a steady arc in the same lane. (nitpicky stuff I know)

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    @kbest45 Yeah, I plan to eventually implement logic for dislodging and missing buoys. It's on the to do list.

    So the corners were adjusted to match the real world measurements of the Tri-Cities buoys now... One of the issues might be that the turn marker buoys (yellow ones) are obscenely large at the moment :P



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