Fun Run!

  • I will be hosting fun runs on HydroMOD every Wednesday night until the next season starts. Each Wednesday I will switch up the class we will run. For instance this coming Wednesday, the 23rd, the class we will run will be Grand Prix/Unlimited Lights. August 30th we will run Vintage Unlimited, and Sept 6th we will run Modern Unlimited. Anyone is free to join, qualifying will begin at 6:30pm Pacific time. Two rounds of qualifying followed by three rounds of heats and a final. We will run a Consolation race if numbers allow.

    Happy racing!

  • If you plan on running, reply to this post with your name and the boat you'd like to run.

    I will be running the UL-56 Miss Diagnosed.

  • Eddie Kanfoush

    UL-5 Miss Kim

  • UL929 Ice Harbor

        Thanks Jim

  • You can RSVP to the Vintage and Modern Unlimited Fun Runs here too. Vintage will run August 30th, Modern will run September 6th.

    For Vintage, I will be running U-60 Miss Century 21.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Disregard previous message. Fun run is still on.

  • Ul 15 Mike's Hard Lemonade

  • registered-users

    gp7 long gone

  • Great run, guys!

  • Just a reminder, Vintage Fun Run this Wednesday, 6:30pm Pacific. We will be running at Madison.
    Rule changes from the last run:
    (1) Your last mill lap must be a full lap.
    (2) You must leave the pits prior to the 3:00 mark, or you will be given a one minute penalty.
    (3) Since we will be racing at Madison this week, you must enter the course on the backstretch after leaving the pits.

    Again, no minimum speed requirement and there are no DMZ areas, so you may cut wherever you wish as long as you adhere to the rules above.

    RSVP to the fun run by replying with your name and the boat you'd like to run.

    Go fast, turn left!

    Beau Rarig, U-60 Miss Century 21

  • U32 Hallmark Holmes

  • This post is deleted!

  • Eddie Kanfoush

    U-5 Miss Schweppes

  • Chris Porten
    Vintage - U-12 Miss Budweiser '68

    Modern - U-12 Miss Budweiser 1991

  • U-25 Eagle Electric

    Nevermind can't make it tonight

  • Reminder, Modern Unlimited Fun Run this Wednesday, Sept. 6, 6:30pm Pacific. We will be running on the Detroit course.

    80 mph minimum speed will be enforced. Should you go below 80 mph for less than a second, you will be given a warning. Any more minimum speed violations will result in a one minute penalty, regardless of how long the speed violation lasts. Heats will be split into sections if six or more drivers enter the race. If there is less than six drivers: heats will not be split into sections, 4 heats and a Final will be run, winner will be based on total points. As with the last Fun Run, your last mill lap must be a full lap, and you must leave the pits prior to the 3:00 mark. A one minute penalty will be assessed for violating these rules. DMZ areas will not be enforced.

    RSVP to the Fun Run by replying with your name and the boat you'd like to run.

    Go fast, turn left!

    Beau Rarig, U-1 Miss Budweiser

  • U-10 Smoking Joes

  • Miss 7-11

  • I've changed my mind. I'll take the U-8 LLumar Window Film 2003.

    The U-12 Miss Budweiser 1991 is now available if anyone wants it.

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