Seattle and Tri-Cities courses

  • I'd like to go about building the Seattle and Tri-Cities courses for HydroMod. Does anyone know the method/program used to build the three courses already in the game?

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    Mission Bay I made in 3DS Max, Madison and Detroit were made in Bobs Track Builder.

    I also started making Valleyfield in BTB, but never finished it. Not that any of the tracks are really finished, but the Valleyfield one was barely drivable.

    I would recommend using some 3D Modelling software that can export to rFactor GMT files. I believe that the rFactor website has dev tools with 3DS Max Plugins.

    I'd recommend getting a hold of some DTED data of the actual track locations. There's ways to import the data into 3d modelling software to generate the terrain.

    I have blueprints of the buoy layouts for Seattle, Tri-Cities, Evansville, Nashville, Detroit, and Madison. I was actually just converting these blueprints into 3d meshes to import into unity, so I can place buoys. I never got the San Diego buoy layout, but I assume its almost identical to Tri-Cities, except there's an extra pair of buoys on each straight.

  • Can you send me those blueprints?

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    @Beau-Rarig I emailed them

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