TNH Modern Season 17, Race 6

  • May 31st 6:30 PDT qualifying. Nashville, Music City Hydrofest (Detroit Course)

    Any new drivers can post on this page to add boats.

  • John Steach in the Miss WAZZU wins the Music City Hydrofest. T-Plus was the top qualifer at 166.018 mph. In the Final Steach lead from the start and never looked back. Graham Trucking II and the T-Plus jumped the gun. The Air National Guard flipped in lap 4 and Graham Trucking was running 2nd but ran out of gas coming out of the last turn. Chris Porten finished 2nd from the trailer spot. T-Plus Mickey Washburn has a 1005 point lead over 2nd place U-1 Graham Trucking Jeff DeWalt .

                                                          Final Heat Results

    1st U-00 Miss WAZZU
    2nd U-00 Atlas Van Lines
    3rd U-7 Air National Guard
    4th U-2 T-Plus
    5th U-7 Graham Trucking II
    DNF U-1 Graham Trucking

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