TNH Modern Season 17, Race 5

  • May 17th, 6:30 PDT qualifying. Seattle Chevrolet Cup (Madison course).

    Any new drivers can post on this page to add boats.

  • I got the game working again (I think it was a bad graphics driver install) :smiley: I may or may not run this race though depending on if I think I'm ready to race again since I've been away for 6 months. I'm also in the middle of a system upgrade, so I may not race much at all.

  • With another small field of 5 boats The Chevrolet Cup is in the books. This race marked the return of Hydromod veteran Chris Porten. Mickey Washburn in the T-Plus was Top Qualifier for the race. Washburn and Beau Rarig had 2 heat wins with Jeff DeWalt and Porten picking up 1 each. The Final Heat had Washburn, Porten, Rarig, and DeWalt on the front row with James Bandit as the trailer. Rarig jumped the gun and DeWalt was late to the start. Washburn had the lead out of the 1st turn with Porten right on his hip making him earn it. They ran that way for all five laps with Washburn taking the win. Rarig also picked up a LV when he took away DeWalt's lane.

                                               Final Heat Results

    1st T-Plus Mickey Washburn
    2nd Atlas Van Lines Chris Porten
    3rd Graham Trucking Jeff DeWalt
    4th Air National Guard James Bandit
    5th Graham Trucking II Beau Rarig

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