HydroSim v0.7.0.0-b12 Beta

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    This version has some big changes, especially with physics, so while the physics is being tuned, beta versions will be linked here.

    Note: The boats engine no longer starts automatically, you must press the ignition button / key (Default is I, can be re-mapped in the Input dialog).



    • Fixed a bug where pausing the replay, then joining the course would cause emitted particles to freeze in place.


    • Physics tweaks to try and make turning faster, less bouncy, a little easier to keep the boat from flipping.



    • Fixed VR issues at several courses.
    • Fixed reflection probes at all courses.
    • Fixed bug where turning the engine off and then back on would act as a brake.
    • Changed how timing is calculated to hopefully fix the time dilation issues on the server.
    • Tweaked netcode prediction code to try and make it more accurate.


    • Completely re-modeled the hydroplane physics mesh using real world measurements. Re-positioned rudder / prop (will need to de-couple this from the rendered model).
    • Tweaked engine torque curve and other physics properties a bit.
    • Change shaft angle range back to 6 - 8 degrees.
    • Added ability to adjust left/right runner angles in the setup.



    • Fixed bug where boat would sometimes sink to the bottom of the water after leaving and re-joining the course.
    • Fixed a long standing bug with the tunnel physics on dedicated server.


    • Tweaked tunnel physics some more, should be a little more forgiving, boat still seems to bounce too much sometimes though.
    • Updated water physics to increase fluid density based on velocity of the triangle, this should make the water feel harder when the boat is going faster.
    • Tweaked some of the netcode smoothing now that some tunnel issues are fixed.
    • Prop shaft setup range is now 4 - 6 degrees.
    • Skidfin angle range is now 12 - 20 degrees


    Note: This update drastically affects the way the boat flies and how the canard control works. It should be more realistic now.


    • Fixed a bug with audio in replays.
    • Fixed some broken Team.xml files.
    • Fixed a bug with the tunnel physics that wasn't properly taking into account the orientation of the boat.
    • Unity version was updated, Cross-compiling to Mac works again, so I've created a Mac build (I still do not own a Mac to test this with)


    • Updated the physics mesh to better reflect the model at the back-end of the boat.
    • Canard now affects the input velocity into the tunnel simulation instead of just being a multiplier on the output.
    • Tweaked tunnel and propeller physics properties some more.



    • New engine and propeller physics simulation. Huge thanks to @ToddWasson for helping me implement this! The propeller is now simulated by spinning a semi-propeller shaped mesh and applying forces on the submerged triangles. This then provides a load to feed back into the engine simulation.
    • Lots of physics changes, trying to make cornering more realistic (faster and less slidey).
    • Updated Cinemachine, has fixes to help smooth out some camera jittering.
    • Updated Crest water library.
    • Tweaks to default water properties, made more directional.


    • Added boat setups, can now change the prop pitch, diameter, shaft angle, gear ratios, and skidfin angles.
    • New spawning system, added trailers to spawn boats in the pits when joining the server. Spawn location can be changed by pressing Ctrl+S .
    • Added engine ignition (Defaults to I key, can be re-mapped in the Input dialog).
    • Added ability to reload textures while in game to help with painting boats, you can update the DDS files in the Team folder and then press Ctrl+R to reload the textures of the boat that is the camera target.


    • Fixed issues with timing planes at Lake Havasu.
    • Performance issues caused by terrain when zooming in really far.

    Windows Download
    Linux Download
    Mac Download

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