Where to learn how to race/Join League

  • I'm trying to figure out the best way to learn about racing properly. Not just read the rules, but understand them so it all makes sense. In other words, I can join a league and read the rules per se but I may still not quite grasp them...I don't want to be the bumbling "newb" that joins a race and just gets in the way. Is there a type of training center or lessons before diving right into a league and racing?

  • Best place is to join our discord server, usually you can use the voice chat there to hang out and race with people. There is usually some one there online to play with, and lots of experienced people to show you the ropes. Our next big league season starts in late September and has sign ups open.

  • Thanks @DJ-Miller for the info!

  • there are practice races going on all the time on the public server, uhlhydroplanes.com. It's the default when you start the game, just click Join.

  • @craigmont Copy that, thanks!

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