SNHL Season 3

  • Mickey Washburn, Saxon Hopp, and I are proud to announce the 3rd season of the Saturday Night Hydro League! With the rising popularity of this fantastic game adding more Hydrosim drivers nearly every day, we are splitting the league into 2 leagues with a 3rd league possible depending on how many people register for the season. The main league will carry over the SNHL name and will have 24 drivers eligible to compete in the league. The secondary league will be deemed SNHL 2 and the rest of the registered participants will be eligible to compete in this league, as long as there isn't an overwhelming number of players registered for the SNHL. The SNHL commissioners will determine who gets put in what league based on past season stats and your intentions to run either full-time or part time for the season.

    The deadline to register before we put drivers in their respective leagues is September 12th. You are still eligible to register for the SNHL season after this deadline, but you will be put in the secondary league at minimum. The top 5 in points of SNHL 2 will be automatically promoted to SNHL 1 for the following season while the bottom 5 in points in SNHL 1 will be demoted to SNHL 2 for the following season. We have a massive 10 race schedule for both leagues so this season will be one to remember! See the official rulebook for SNHL Season 3 here:

    Schedule for SNHL 2:


    Schedule for SNHL:


    You can register yourself for the season by commenting on this post with your name and the boat you'll be using. You may use a real H1 Unlimited or Fantasy Unlimited, but please ask for permission to use a Fantasy boat that you didn't paint yourself! Remember that there shall be no more than 2 boats with the same # and no more than 1 fantasy boat with the same number can be registered!

    Registered Boats:

    U-98 Mike's Hard Lemonade -Peyton Hopp
    U-9 Miss Vandelay -Mickey Washburn
    U-16 Cheerios -Eddie Kanfoush
    U-25 Hearn Motorsports presents H8 Cancer Racing -Gavin McClure
    U-8 Jif Presents Mr. Pringles -Scott Przybylski
    U-66 Dangerous Age -Harley Gray
    U-1 Digital Confectioners Presents Depth -Nicholas "DJ" Miller
    U-18 Bad Influence -Jeff Bernard
    U-6 Oberto Presents Wonder Bread -Codee Guyll
    U-10 Matt Johnson Design -Matt Johnson
    U-12 Miss Seahawks -Kelsey Best
    U-2 Tequila Patron ESM -Beau Rarig
    U-90 Easton Eagles Racing -Nick Kish
    U-1954 Dick's Drive-In -Craig Montgomery
    U-88 Stupid Fast Racing -John Ashby
    U-81 Holy Smoke -Kym Behrndt
    U-31 SuperBee R\T -Jeff Dewalt
    U-50 Staples presents JBoyz Racing -Tim Johnson
    U-3 Chick Fil-A -Cei Bowen
    U-22 Miss DHL -Darryl Kinsey Jr.
    U-99 Mike's Hard Lemonade II -Saxon Hopp
    U-79 Fun Times Gaming -Ryan Radinsky
    U-100 PICO American Dream -Luke Nelson
    U-65 Important Boat Designs -Chris Porten
    U-24 Miss Stew's Garage -Quinton Miller
    U-14 Red White and Brew -Mason McClure
    U-20 Mountain Dew presents Jacked Up -Carson Kelly
    U-77 Castrol GTX -Scott Witherell
    U-8 Wounded Warrior Project -Ben Dowell
    U-83 Blue Mule -Jeff Woolf
    U-33 Fireball Whiskey -Scott Cardenas
    U-55 John Player Special -Adam Thurston
    U-56 Dunlop Motorsports -TJ Czerwinski
    U-50 American Spirit -Dustin Hicks
    U-711 Miss 7-Eleven -Mitchell Adams
    U-17 Miss Red Dot -Jake Bell
    U-99.9 Bucket List Miss Rock -Taylor Evans
    U-101 Pride of Vallyfield -Remi Laurin
    U-8008 Jimmy Shane -Jimmy Shane
    U-0 Kentucky Wildcats -Brian Johnson
    28-R Imagecraft -Kyle Lewis
    U-10 Close Call -John Sjostrom
    U-47 Papa Johns -Noah Johns
    U-93 Miss Statesman -Jason Fitch
    U-88 Degree Men -Tyler Roth
    U-7 Miss Tri-Cities -Danielle Garner
    U-19 J&D's presents Arctic Cat -Jay Sedrowski
    U-25 Pay N' Pak -Todd Bréda
    U-70 Miss Valvoline -Tait Meyer
    U-550 Liquid Addiction -Michael Behrndt
    U-55 Oh Boy! Oberto 1982 -J.M. Stübbers
    U-3 Griggs presents Ace Hardware -Jayden Jamieson
    U-59 Bud Light -Scott Garner
    U-17 Target -Jared Meyer
    U-95 Miss Pennzoil -Will Smoot
    U-53 Pay -N- Pak -Richard Adair
    U-73 Digital Roostertails -Chris Denslow
    U-1890 Miss Wazzu -David Johnson
    U-440 Bucket List Racing -Jack Heiser
    U-206 Seattle SuperSonics -Ricky Mcqueen
    U-87 Lisa's Homes -Luke Hugman
    U-1918 Oberto Super Salami 2019 -Anthony Kidd

  • Peyton Hopp- U-98 Mike's Hard Lemonade

  • Mickey Washburn U-9 Miss Vandelay

  • Eddie Kanfoush - U-16 Cheerios

  • Gavin McClure U-25 Hearn Motorsports presents H8 Cancer Racing

  • registered-users

    Scott Przybylski
    U-8 Jif Presents Mr Pringles

  • Harley Gray
    U-66 Dangerous Age

  • Nicholas "DJ" Miller, U-1 Digital Confectioners Presents Depth

  • Jeff Bernard U-91 Goodman Real Estate

  • Codee Guyll - U-6 Oberto Presents Wonder Bread

  • This post is deleted!

  • Matt Johnson
    U-10 Matt Johnson Design

  • This post is deleted!

  • U-12 Miss Seahawks - Kelsey Best

  • Beau Rarig
    U-2 Tequila Patron ESM

  • Nick Kish
    U-90 Easton Eagles Racing

  • Craig Montgomery
    U-1954 Dick's Drive-In

  • John Ashby
    U88 Stupid Fast Racing.

  • Kym Behrndt
    U-81 Holy Smoke

  • registered-users

    U-31 SuperBee R\T

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