HydroSim v0.6.5.1 - Scenery update

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    This is mainly a scenery update. Lots of scenery added to Tri-Cities. Started adding buildings using real world data to multiple courses.

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    • Bug with runtime building generator causing CPU usage to spike (this was causing the server to choke and timing was getting out of whack on certain courses.)
    • FPS network stats readout was spewing errors in host mode causing intermittent framerate drops.

    7/10/2020 Dedicated Server Hotfix (same version number)

    NOTE - If you're running a dedicated server, I recommend re-downloading the game, I updated the archive with a server hotfix for Detroit/Madison.



    • Cloth physics was running for all levels of detail of the flag at Tri-Cities at the same time.
    • Fog is now applied to the water shader.


    • Buildings generated using real world data for Tri-Cities, Madison, and Detroit.
    • Added trees, cranes, towers, canopies, etc to Tri-Cities.
    • Added secondary camera for rendering far away background objects (Mt Rainier, Rattlesnake Mt, downtown Detroit).
    • Added additional graphics settings for setting the draw distance of buildings and course details. Setting either of these to 0 will disable rendering of these.


    • Enabled terrain tessellation at Tri-Cities, Guntersville, and Seattle.

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