HydroSim v0.6.3.0 - H1 Unlimited E-League!

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    Big update! Several bugfixes and some new features for the H1 Unlimited's new E-League!



    • Added Piston Unlimiteds! Each team (in StreamingAssets) has an xml file now that specifies which hull to use along with other info, so custom piston paintjobs can be added.
    • Replaced all of the boats included in the game with the 2020 H1 Unlimited E-League teams.
    • Added Madison 2 mile course.
    • Added ability to specify server passwords.


    • Completely re-vamped replay list menu. Allows sorting, deleting, renaming replay files.
    • Re-worked netcode to make turns more accurate.
    • Guntersville course layout updated to match the 2019 course more closely.
    • Updated both Madison courses to have trees.
    • New UI button style thanks to Matt Johnson.
    • The nex/previous driver buttons for the camera now select the driver ahead or behind the current driver.


    • Bug where boats could collide with eachother in the solo-qualifying session.
    • Fixed an issue with the logic when connecting to the server, handshaking is now performed before the course loads.

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