Introducing myself

  • Hello Hydroplane racers and fans, I'm a Hydro nut who stumbled upon this game/website via Youtube videos of race recaps. I'm really excited to race with all of you!

    So far I have only turned "practice" laps (downloaded the game 48hrs ago)

    Hoping to figure out how to race other people very soon, and also how to design my own boats/ upload other peoples creations.

    Thanks to anyone/everyone who is involved with this website and game!

  • Hi there! Feel free to join our discord channel as that's the easiest way to chat/coordinate with other people. You have to be given a role by a mod/admin to be able to stuff in our discord, so when you do join you can just shoot me a message and I can do that as a moderator.

    Welcome to HydroSim, hope you have fun!

  • So do I download the Discord app... then find HydroSim? or UHL?

    I have no previous online game experience... Very new to all this, I might need my hand held from time to time, LOL

  • @Neil-Marvin There's a web browser version or a downloadable desktop/mobile app. The server name is UHL HydroSim. If you made an account I could send you a friend request and invite you. There should be a discord side bar on this website where you can see who is online and be able to connect, but it doesn't show up all the time for some reason.

  • @Neil-Marvin Welcome to the UHL! Like @DJ-Miller said, Discord is the best way to communicate with us. Much easier to talk all things hydros and others, and usually there are people online that would be around to run some practice laps or some heats as well. That'll also be a good place for any questions you have.
    I look forward to racing with you!

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