How do I make a dedicated server?

  • I want to setup a server so me and my mates can race however I cannot figure out how on earth I do it? also is there a way to name the server and what not?

  • Easiest way to race with other people is to join the official UHL server ''. I believe there is a way to set up your own server but it's a hassle and above my skill level.

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    At the bottom of the page I wrote how to run a dedicated server:

    Mainly you need to pass several command line arguments to the executable. When you do this, you won't see anything launch, it will look like nothing happened, however it is running. You'll see the process running in the windows task manager. Eventually, I'll make a wrapper app to add a UI for the dedicated server.

    Also, there's currently no master server list, so you connect by IP address or host name.

  • @Scott-Przybylski
    Is there a way to turn my computer off without messing up the server

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    @aidyj88 I have no idea what you're asking.

  • @Scott-Przybylski
    i shut my computer down and the server i created stopped working idk how to get it running again

  • Can anyone expand about creating dedicated server?
    With line added to target server is running but it is not possible to connect.
    Is there anything else I should do to create a running join able server?

    Really looking forward to have some help on this to make more popular in Europe and Baltics

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    The server is currently hardcoded to use port 25144 on both TCP and UDP. If you want other people to be able to connect to the server on the open internet, you will need to open the port on your firewall. If you're behind a router, which is likely, you'll need to login to the router and forward the port to your computer running the server.

    I updated the HydroSim page to mention this.

    In order for people to connect, they'll need your IP address to put into the Join input field.

    I plan on making a master server list, but haven't gotten around to it yet, hopefully soon.

  • Hey Rekords, hit me up when you want to race. I would enjoy racing with you!

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