2019 SNHL Exhibition Season

  • SNHL exhibition season will kickoff in April and run to September. We will have 1 race each month and each race we will do something a little different (trying some new stuff with the rules). The first race will be Saturday April 6th at 6pm at San Diego. If we have more then 6 drivers, then we will do a quick qualifying round that will be used for a tie breaker. You can run any boat (real or fantasy) but only 2 of the same U number will be allowed. We will run 3 flights of heats and a conny (if we have enough drivers) and a final heat. The heats will be 3 laps and the final 5 laps. The final will have 6 on the front line with 1 trailer. It will be fight for lanes no speed limit and no DMZ zones. But don’t cut in the turns. The lanes will be established at the entrance of turn 2 and you have to hold that lane to the start line. Please reply to this post with the boat your going to run.

    Mickey Washburn U-9 Kramerica Presents Miss Vandelay Industries
    Matt Johnson U-10 Matt Johnson Design
    Nicholas Miller U-27 Banshee
    Jeff DeWalt U-31 Graham trucking
    Cei Bowen U-8 Tide
    Beau Rarig U-25 Fun Haver
    Cale Bruce U 10 Winston Eagle
    Kyle Lewis U-102.5 Coors Dry
    Peyton Hopp U-20 Rockstar Energy
    Noah Johns U-74 Sea Witch
    Eddie Kanfoush U-777 Steeler
    Jason Fitch U-93 Miss Statesman
    Simon Fortin U-7 Graham Trucking II

  • Matt Johnson
    U-10 Matt Johnson Design

  • Nicholas Miller
    U-27 Banshee

    (I assume we can pick different boats in future exhibitions, and that we don't have to run the same boat in all the races like a season?)

  • Also to clarify we will pick new boats each race. Also there is a good chance season 2 will only be real boats so this will be a good chance to race your fantasy boats.

  • registered-users

    I will take the 31 Graham trucking

  • This post is deleted!

  • Cei Bowen U-8 Tide (not at home so cant see my choices, I’ll let Mickey know if I decide to change later before the season)

  • @jeffdewalt 31? When was the Graham Trucking number 31?

  • It’s a fantasy boat I painted for Jeff also Cei we will pick boats for each race.

  • Beau Rarig
    U-25 Fun Haver

  • Noah Johns
    U-10 Autism

  • Noah 2 things U-10 is already taken for fantasy boats and the name Autism seems a bit offensive. You need to pick a different name.

    Here's the fantasy boat list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jXhCZ8F-ntxbDupNT1r9X4cR04pFgNGdYQPvw0bgSk0/edit#gid=0

  • Cale Bruce
    U 10 Winston Eagle

  • U-102.5 Coors Dry.

    Also, I would like to pre-claim this boat for SNHL Season 2, as long as no one opposes.

  • Peyton Hopp
    U-20 Rockstar Energy

  • Kyle we haven’t decided how we are going to pick boats for the season yet but in hydromod days we went by the high points of the pervious season.

  • Sea Witch whatever the U is. I am driving that if I can

  • Eddie Kanfoush
    U-777 Steeler

  • Jason Fitch
    U-93 Miss Statesman.

    I'm not sure if I've uploaded it, will look later tonight.

  • saxon Hopp
    U-25 Red Bull

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