SNHL Season 1 Race 6 - San Diego Bayfair

  • Race #6 of SNHL Season 1, San Diego Bayfair is January 19th.

    Qualifying: Friday, January 18th
    Race: Saturday, January 19th

    Each event will start at 6:00 pm Pacific time.

    Qualifying format will follow H1 rules: Qualifying order will be in the reverse of the national high point standings (e.g., the High Point Leader will qualify last).

    Bayfair will be back to the traditional format with 3 flights of heats, followed by the Consolation Heat and the Final Heat. The Heat races will be 3 laps and the Final Heat will be 5 laps.

    Preliminary Heats and the Consolation Heat will have a maximum of 6 boats per heat. The Final Heat will have 7 boats (the 7th boat being the trailer). The winner of the Consolation Heat will be the trailer in the Final Heat. If you have any questions feel free to send Peyton or I a message or you can ask us on discord chat before or during the event.

    alt text

  • Is there a specific buoy that the trailer boat will need to start behind in the final or just 5 seconds behind the clock?

  • The first orange buoy after the exit of turn2

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