New Series for HydroSim

  • Eddie, Peyton, Matt, and I have came up with a new "series" for HydroSim. Trying to set up a race for in August. Hopefully going to run a season and do 1 or 2 races a month depending on everyone's schedule. We are willing to vary on dates. We are looking for a date between Aug. 5th-Aug. 31. Aug. 25 will also not work. Races during the week will be starting at 7 Eastern time. Willing to work with everyone for dates. See Drive for details on races. Also join our Discord!

  • Can't race during the week. I don't get home until 5pm Pacific.

  • @Beau-Rarig We are willing to work with everyone's schedule. Moving times and dates. Nothing is set and done.

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    Weekdays are better for me, I wouldn't start any earlier thsn 8:30 eastern (5:30 pacific) or it'd be tough for the west coasters to make it. Another option (if enough people are interested) would be to do a separate west coast and east coast series with the top season points drivers having a championship race at the end. Obviously you wouldn't have to live in the region, just go with the start time that's best for you.

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