Merry Christmas! HydroSim v0.4.0.2

  • Merry Christmas, this updated version is fantastic thus far!

    A few things I'd like to see is to have the camera with the external POV be "locked" on to the boat from the roostertail just like the Rfactor version has instead of having a free-roaming camera.

    I really enjoy the T.V. like camera that pursues the boat around the course, but did the new camera system knock out the other free roaming spectator camera's? Would be great addition to have a start/finish line cam or a helicopter view of the course so we can get different perspectives and views of the race.

    I haven't fiddled around too much with it yet, but it also seems the boat tends to veer to the left more easily than it did in the straightaways since the previous version.

    Just a few observations and suggestions. Very excited about the direction this game is going!

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    @PeytonHopp Thanks! Good to hear :D

    Yeah, I'd like the "swingman" camera to be more like the rFactor one as well. Mainly its just using a script I found right now, I haven't taken the time to sort it out yet. I also just started diving into Unity's Cinemachine camera system, so I might be able to use that for all the cameras, not completely sure yet.

    Same with the TV cameras, right now the other cameras are disabled as I try to figure out the fancier camera system. They'll make their way back in, in future updates.

    Yeah, I've been tweaking the physics here and there. It's still not exactly how I'd like it. I have noticed, watching some onboard videos, that the boats want to veer to the left. You can see JMK cranking the wheel to the right in the video here:

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    Updated to fix issues with the dedicated server.

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    Just updated the zip archive, the previous one seemed to have been missing a change I made causing boats to not appear in replay when connected to the server.

  • Do you think we will have in cockpit cameras eventually? I know quite a few people that want a camera view like that.

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    @CanYouFoush Yes, eventually, I'll need to make a cockpit model, the one I started for rFactor was never finished.

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    Just got a "helicopter" camera working. Looks pretty cool. I've also added additional wakes that come off the sponsons.

  • Looks sweet! That'll look awesome during the start of a race with a line of boats going by.

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    @CanYouFoush Sweet! I was surprised how many people were popping on this afternoon. Kinda bummed I flipped right at the start, I had you guys beat :-P, I hadn't hooked up my wheel yet for this one, was driving with the keyboard.

  • Haha yeah. We're going to do this again soon with more people. Tons of fun, thanks for making the game (and joining the races, too)

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    @CanYouFoush Yeah, I'll probably try and setup a test race soon. Still trying to sort out some bugs. Just fixed the driver list sorting when the race session starts.

    Since I have several replays now with multiple drivers, I was going to play with making the camera try to frame other boats near the targeted boat.

  • From what I've played all that is missing for racing is roostertail physics. Other than that it seems fantastic and I think racing could start.

  • @Scott-Przybylski this update is fantastic, the tweaks you've made to the physics make it much more realistic and the graphics are beautiful. The roostertail physics are the only major thing remaining, but the game is perfectly playable and tons of fun as it stands. Had a blast today running 3 and 4 boat heats!

    One minor thing, is there a way to add the clock when looking at replays of race mode?

    Thanks so much for the awesome Christmas present : )

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    Yeah, that's a good idea, I'll look into putting the clock on race replays.

    Here's an updated video I made from a replay of a race with @CanYouFoush and @kbest45 earlier today.

    Showing off new Chopper and Blimp cameras along with camera auto focusing on nearby boats.

  • Awesome! I'm assuming the prediction for the online is still a bit off? I never slid through your roostertail like that lol

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    @Scott-Przybylski said in Merry Christmas! HydroSim v0.4.0.2:


    Wow, you already have the clock and lap counter working too!

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    @CanYouFoush Yeah, its probably still off, I have some ideas to make it better. One would be to send the throttle/rudder/canard inputs at a higher rate.

    The other problem is that the latency compensation is just integrating a new position in a straight line from the current position. I think the way rFactor accounted for this was by using the center line of the race track to predict when the vehicle is going to potentially start turning. The 2nd option is to use a hermite spline to interpolate the new position which takes velocity into account.

  • @Scott-Przybylski That would probably help. We did more races earlier today. I think we had a couple 4 boat heats.

  • @Scott-Przybylski this looks awesome!

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