Logitech G920

  • I recently bought rFactor and downloaded HydroMod. Today, I decided to move my computer to my basement where I have a racing setup for the Xbox One, using a Logitech G920. When I tried plugging in the wheel, the driver installed, but nothing would happen on rFactor. Help!

  • First thing, did you install the Logitech Gaming Software and the firmware update? If not, do so. The software lets you calibrate the wheel, but the G920 apparently doesn't have as many setup adjustments as it should. http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/g920-driving-force

    Next, did you assign your wheel functions in the game, or try to use the default controller setup? You need to manually assign the wheel functions since rFactor isn't officially supported with the G920.

    You're not the only person having problems with this wheel. http://www.nogripracing.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1916015 This might help.

  • Thanks! I got it to work! I couldnt find any sites explaining anything about the software. All good now though.

  • Any suggestions on a wheel?

  • G29 or T150. The G920 apparently isn't compatible on PC.

  • The G920 is compatible. I posted this before I knew about the Logitech Gaming Software. My G920 works fine, but force feedback pulls to the right, so I race without it.

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