practice problem

  • I'm having issues joining the practice. keeps saying 'join time out'

  • Thank you... I'll see if it works!

  • @cp65 i have win7 so this is extremely confusing. I can not figure this out.

  • Did you read the rFactor 1.255 Join Timeout.pdf ? That should tell you how to fix the problem if it's a port-forwarding issue. It also says to read the FirewallGuide.pdf in the rFactor Support folder. It will guide you through setting the game up to race online.

    If that's not the problem, are you using the right password for our server? If you keep putting in the wrong password, it will eventually give you the JTO message. The JTO message will also come up if you wait too long to put the password in.

    You could also try re-starting the game. That sometimes fixes it.

    If nothing helps, then try re-starting your router. The game may not like your IP address. Re-setting the router should give you a new address.

    These are all the ideas I can think of to fix the problem. If these don't work, then I probably won't be able to help you.

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