SNHL Season 2 Rulebook


    • The boat you register can be a real H1 Unlimited or a Fantasy Unlimited.

    • When registering boats, the amount of same U-#s shall be limited to 2. For instance, if the U-7 Graham Trucking and U-7 Valken Sports are registered, we will not accept any more boats with the U-# as U-7. For Fantasy Boats, there shall only be one fantasy boat registered with the same #.

    • Only the defending national champion is allowed to use the number U-1.

    • If you choose to run a fantasy boat that was painted by someone else, you must get the owners permission to run their boat.


    • DMZ zones will be in effect in seasons where only real boats are eligible. SNHL Season 2 will not be using DMZ's. If you go inside a DMZ, the resulting penalty will be a 1 lap penalty. Diagrams of each course detailing DMZ zones will be available before the season begins.

    • If you cut the course, you must pass two inside markers (buoys) before you can claim the lane.


    • The 1 minute buoy is in effect this season. The 1 minute buoy is a scoring procedure where you must pass the score up buoy (at the exit pin of turn 1) under 1 minute before the start of the race. If you pass the buoy over a minute, you will be assessed a 1 lap penalty. You have the option of going back around the 1st turn to make up for that penalty.

    • If you flip or otherwise crash the boat during qualifying, you may continue to complete your qualifying laps.

    • If you flip or otherwise crash the boat during a heat, you are not allowed to continue racing in said heat. It does not matter whether your boat lands upside-down or right-side-up. If you crash during a heat, you must hit the ESC key and “Leave” the heat. This will result in a “DNF” or “DNS” and no points will be awarded.

    • There is no speed restriction for SNHL Season 2

    • Rookies must start on the outside in their first 2 heats. It will be up to the commissioners discretion whether they can fight for lanes after 2 heats.


    • All drivers who are about to enter the course for a Heat must enter the channel titled “On the Water”.

    • One driver who is not participating in the Heat must be in the channel entitled “On the Water”. Their duty is to call starts “Good” or call out drivers who jumped the gun.

    • All other drivers who are not participating in a Heat may not enter the channel titled “On the Water”.

    • If you need to leave your computer, please enter the channel titled “AFK”. The Race Director will check to see if anyone is in this channel prior to beginning a Heat.


    1-Lap Penalties:
    • Striking a buoy.
    • Cutting inside an inside marker buoy during the racing period of a heat.
    • Cutting outside an outside marker buoy (white) during any part of the heat.
    • Crossing the start/finish line before the clock hits zero…….
    • Failing to proceed around Turn 2 immediately prior to the start of the race.
    • Failure to stay in your lane if less than a roostertail’s length in front of another boat.
    • Failure to enter the course prior to the 1-minute mark during the milling period.

    Disqualification Penalties for the Heat:
    • Causing another boat to crash.
    • Failure to “Leave” the Heat immediately after crashing.
    • Committing 2 lane violations in the same Heat.

    Disqualification Penalties for the Event:
    • Deliberately causing another boat to crash, and/or, attempts to sabotage another driver.

    • We will be holding a live SNHL Draft where boat selection will be announced over voice chat in ‘Just Hanging Out’. Draft selections will be based on season high points so make sure you have a few choices of boats in mind if you were towards the bottom of the points last year.

    The game comes with a good selection of boats. More paint schemes available for download can be found here: Boats?dl=0&subfolder_nav_tracking=1

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