Where is the 'Garage'? To do setups and such?

  • Where is the 'Garage'? To do setups and such? I bought a new Laptop just for this game, it Rules. But I'm missing where to apply setting/setups?

    I downloaded the game and can run laps, but don't see anywhere to runn with other boats iin a practice mode?

  • @RustyGears

    I must be missing rFactor ? Do I need rFactor or rFactor2 ? Appreciate your help.

  • I assume you are playing HydroSim? HydroSim is currently still in early development and does not have set ups yet, though they are planned for the future. HydroSim is a stand alone sequel to HydroMod, which was an original rFactor mod. Currently we've been transitioning from rFactor to HydroSim and just recently finished our first season in it.

  • @DJ-Miller

    Should I be using rFactor? or is that dead now?

  • @RustyGears rFactor is currently being retired since HydroSim is replacing it. We're doing a few last exhibition races in rFactor for fun and as a send-off, and to do something a bit different since we recently finished the first HydroSim season. We'll be using HydroSim for just about everything in the future from here on.

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