SNHL Season 1, Race 2, Drivers Meeting Notes

  • In attendance:

    Beau Rarig
    Cale Bruce
    Cei Bowen
    Chris Porten
    Harley Gray
    Matt Johnson
    Mickey Washburn
    Nicholas Miller
    Peyton Hopp
    Tim Johnson

    • Wait until your name is called in the game’s chat box before going onto course.

    Race format
    • 3 flights of heats, consolation, final
    • Second consolation will be added if more than 20 boats participate in race.
    • In event of tie for placement into finals, qualifying speed will be used as the tiebreaker
    • 5 boats maximum per heat, 6 in final (including trailer)
    • Preliminary heats will be 3 laps, final will be 5 laps

    DMZ Zones
    • When you cut, you no longer have right of way when re-entering the course
    • You must pass two buoys to establish your lane after cutting.

    Lane infractions in first turn
    • Greater enforcement is needed in calling penalties.
    • Penalty should only be called when a boat’s roostertail crosses in front of another boat.
    • This penalty will be reviewed post-race.

    Commitment buoy during mill
    • Lane commitment buoy is the entrance pin of Turn 2
    • You must hold your lane from the entrance pin of Turn 2 to the Starting Line.
    • If you are boxed in leading up to the start, you have to back off and choose an available lane.

    Trailer boat in final
    • Trailer must start at the orange buoy prior to the starting line.
    • Trailer boat jumping penalty will be monitored as such: If the trailer boat crosses said buoy before the clock strikes 0, then the trailer jumped the gun.

    • More participation is needed in officiating.
    • Area of focus: monitoring 80 mph rule
    o If you are officiating 80 mph rule, you must put your boat on the water and park it.
    • Monitoring first turn after heat has started.
    • Monitor people that crash and keep going. Boats that crash must exit the water and receive a DNF. Majority rules during disputes.
    • Keep an eye on boats overlapping. The rule is a roostertail’s length before overlap can happen.

    Minimum speed during mill
    • Due to the tight turns, the minimum speed in the turns will be 60 mph. The rest of the course applies to the 80 mph rule.
    • OFFICIALS: Monitor speed at the exit pin of the turns. The driver has two seconds to get back to 80 mph.

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