SNHL Season 1, Race 1, Drivers Meeting Notes

  • SNHL 2018 Southern Cup Drivers Meeting

    In attendance:
    Beau Rarig
    Cale Bruce
    Cei Bowen
    Chris Porten
    Codee Guyll
    Eddie Kanfoush
    Harley Gray
    Jared Meyer
    Jeff Dewalt
    Kelsey Best
    Mickey Washburn
    Nicholas Miller
    Tait Meyer

    Meeting began at 6:00 pm Pacific time.

    Qualifying format:
    • Qualifying will be held on Friday, October 5th, and will begin at 6:00 pm Pacific time. Qualifying will end at 7:00 pm Pacific time.
    • Qualifying will be held in the “Practice” mode within HydroSim. This is to monitor your qualifying laps and call penalties when necessary.
    • Only one driver is allowed on the course at a time during qualifying.
    • Qualifying order will be sorted alphabetically by driver’s first name. If you are late to qualifying, but join the game before 7:00 pm Pacific time, you will be called upon to complete your qualifying laps when the race director tells you to do so. Do not enter the race course during qualifying without a race director granting you permission.
    • Drivers will complete four (4) qualifying laps. Your best lap speed will be used to determine your qualifying speed.
    • Qualifying points are as follows:
    o 1st: 100
    o 2nd: 80
    o 3rd: 70
    o 4th: 60
    o 5th: 50
    o 6th: 40
    o Each driver after 6th place will receive 30 points.
    • Your best lap speed must be above 130 mph in order to receive points.
    • Drivers MUST enter the course on the backstretch prior to beginning their first qualifying lap.
    • If a driver commits a penalty on a qualifying lap, that lap will not be counted toward their best qualifying speed.
    • Penalties include:
    o Failing to enter the course on the backstretch.
    o Striking a buoy.
    o Cutting the course.
    o Completing more than four (4) laps.
    • Qualifying is for the purpose of earning points and deciding tie-breakers for placement in the final heat and consolation heat. If a driver is unable to attend qualifying, they will still be able to participate in the race with no restrictions.
    • As soon as a driver completes their fourth (4th) lap of qualifying, they are to hit the ESC button on their keyboard and leave the water.
    • If a driver flips during their qualifying attempt, they are allowed to continue their qualifying attempt.

    Race format:
    • The race will be held on Saturday, October 6th, and will begin at 6:00 pm Pacific time.
    • There will be three (3) flights of heats, followed by one (1) consolation heat, followed by the final heat.
    • In the event of a tie between drivers when placing into the consolation and final heats, qualifying speed will be used to settle the tie.
    • All heats will be three (3) laps in length, including the final heat.
    • Heat draws will be announced via the text chat box within the game.
    • The maximum amount of boats per preliminary heat and the consolation heat will be six (6). The amount of boats that will run in the final will be seven (7). The 7th boat in the final will be the winner of the consolation heat, and must start the final heat in the trailer position.
    • After the race director announces a heat – “Heat 1A ready”, all drivers who are to run in said heat will reply by typing “Y”. This signifies the driver is ready to begin the heat. When all drivers signify they are ready, the 5-minute mill time will begin.
    • Drivers must have their boat on the water and have their speed above 80 mph prior to the four-minute mark of the milling period.
    • Drivers must enter the race course on the backstretch. Failure to do so will result in a 1 lap penalty.
    • Drivers must proceed around Turn 2 immediately prior to the start of the racing period of a heat.
    • If a driver flips their boat during a heat, including the milling period, the driver is not allowed to continue, and must exit the race course. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification for that heat only.
    • Drivers must stay above 80 mph during a heat. Should a driver fall below 80 mph, the driver has two seconds to get back to 80 mph. Failure to do so will result as follows:
    o 1st offense: Warning
    o 2nd offense and beyond: 1-lap penalty
    • Some penalties will be automatically called by the game itself. When these penalties are called, there will be no exceptions:
    o Striking a buoy.
    o Crossing the start/finish line prior to zero (0) seconds on the clock immediately prior to the start of the racing period of a heat (aka Jumping the gun).
    o Cutting inside a buoy during the racing period of a heat.
    o Cutting outside an outer-course marker.
    • Some penalties will be assessed by the race directors, officials, and other drivers after the completion of a heat. These include, but are not limited to:
    o Lane infractions
    o Minimum speed (80 mph) infractions
    • Some penalties will result in a disqualification for the heat only:
    o Causing another driver to crash
    o Failure to stay outside of the DMZ zones.
    o Failure to leave the water immediately after crashing.
    o Committing two (2) lane violations in the same heat.
    • Deliberately causing another driver to crash will not be tolerated, and will result in the offending driver being disqualified from the entire event.
    o Other offenses in which drivers could be disqualified for the entire event will be at the race director’s discretion with the other drivers’ input.
    • If a driver crashes as a result of another driver’s actions, the offended driver shall receive a minimum of 4th place points (169).
    o The amount of points awarded will be adjusted if driver participation is low.
    • In the event of a tie, the drivers who tied will receive the same amount of points. For example:
    o If two drivers tie for 1st place, both drivers will receive 400 points.
    o The next driver will receive 3rd place points (225), and so on.
    • The amount of time for reviewing penalties will be limited to ten (10) minutes.

    Points systems:
    • During preliminary heats and the final heat:
    o 1st place: 400
    o 2nd place: 300
    o 3rd place: 225
    o 4th place: 169
    o 5th place: 127
    o 6th place: 95
    o 7th place: 71
    • During the consolation heat:
    o 1st place: 0
     The winner of the consolation heat will be awarded the trailer position in the final heat, therefore forfeiting points earned to the driver’s result in the final heat.
    o 2nd place: 150
    o 3rd place: 113
    o 4th place: 85
    o 5th place: 64
    o 6th place: 48

    DMZ Zones:
    • DMZ zones will be in effect. Drivers must stay outside of these zones at all times.
    • The map below displays where the DMZ zones are located.


    Discord (for drivers using Discord to voice-chat during the race):
    • Prior to beginning a heat, the drivers participating in said heat must enter the voice-chat channel titled “On the Water”.

    • Drivers may request a spotter if they wish.
    • Should a driver request a spotter, that spotter must also enter the channel titled “On the Water” prior to beginning a heat.

    The meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm Pacific time.

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