Throttle Problems

  • Hey guys. during the most recent exhibition my throttle got stuck open in the race server, I thought it may have been just a random thing, but now i realize that isnt as it continues to happen to me. I've tried resetting my controls, but it still does it. I go out for the milling period and everything is fine, until I lift and the rpm's stay the same.

  • What pedals are you using and how old are they? If they're old or you have pets, maybe the potentiometer is getting stuck due to dust, hair or something else. I'd open them up and use compressed air on the potentiometer to clean it off. Make sure to put it back the way you found it (without the junk inside). If they're new, then maybe they're defective.

  • I use a G27, but I’m 99% sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the pedals, because it only happens on HydroSim. I race in stock car sims all the time with no issues. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t do it in practice, only in race sessions.

  • @cp65 I did what you suggested, it seems to working properly, but I have yet to got into a proper race server.

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