Ideas for future additions

  • As far as I know, new hull options should be coming in the future since Scott is working on a new model that should be more accurate. When that happens, all the boat paint schemes will probably need to be redone which will take time.

    I think more courses are planned for the future, but they’re not needed at the moment and Scott is the only person working on that aspect of the sim so it will take time.

    Increasing the number of races might be an option in the future, but we’re trying to emulate the real schedule and these races do take up a lot of time (3-4 hours per race).

    As for the parallel rollers off the log boom in Seattle, I think it’s already there.

  • @cp65 From what I understand, the wakes and rollers are purely visual at this point. They don't actually affect the handling of the boat, but I could be wrong about that. Seattle as a whole should be rougher than it is but I know Scott was really trying to get that course out quickly so we had it in time for the season race.

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    1. I won't be adding any new courses right now, I'm going to try and start adding more detail to the existing ones first.
    2. New boat hulls are in the plans, but this is just a hobby for me and I only have so much time to work on things.
    3. That's up to whoever is running the league.
    4. With the current water library I'm using, wake effects don't affect the boat physics, but I can adjust how rough the water is for the entire course. I'm planning, in the future, to switch over to the Crest Ocean library which supports interactive wakes and other interactive water features. I've done some quick tests with it and reported some bugs to the dev. It's in pretty active development, so I'm waiting for some bugs to be worked out before I put in a full effort to switch to it.

    Right now I've started working on some 3D models for the pit areas. Unfortunately, I've been really busy with work and taking care of a baby, so I haven't been able to get anything done the past couple weeks.

  • @Scott-Przybylski is there a way to add force-feedback for controllers?

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    @cp65 I would like to, unfortunately there isn't out of the box support in Unity. There are some assets that people have made, but most are very old and not sure if they work. I'd probably have to write a custom native plugin to do it.

  • I know right now your spawn position is just determined by when you join the server (or at least I'm pretty sure it is) but it would be cool, once cranes and trailers are added, if you could choose your spot in the pits when you join the server.

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    @TinyBeard That's an interesting idea. I'll look into making that an option.

  • Can we have the ability to change how ruff the water is

  • @aidyj88 I believe that's planned for the future once the water system gets changed

  • can we also get offshore catamarans in game because guntersville will suit them

  • Adding the oryx cup course

  • e.c griffith cup

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