Merry Christmas! HydroSim v0.4.0.2

  • @Scott-Przybylski At some point do you plan on having support for an eyefinity (or other) type setup with multiple monitors? Not sure what this entails...but it sure would be awesome to have a 3 monitor setup with the two sides being the look left and look right views.

    As far as the roostertail physics, down the road it would be cool to have an option in the settings with a possibility of flameout from crossing through a roostertail, something you could toggle on/off for a given race.

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    @kbest45 Yes, at some point. Usually this requires rendering 3 separate cameras at different angles, 1 for each monitor basically. You'd probably need a pretty beefy graphics card.

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing, would be cool if you could get washed down by the roostertail and need to restart the engine.

  • @Scott-Przybylski Sweet! Do you think you will you add the water effect on the screen when you go through the roostertail? (Like the one when you blow over.)

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    @CanYouFoush Possibly, I'm not sure how to enable it manually at the moment.

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    Playing with roostertail physics and spray effects on camera:

  • @Scott-Przybylski Awesome! Those water effects look really cool!

  • Very cool! Love everything about these physics. I'm thinking this game will be a big hit once everything is perfected. Can't wait when other classes are added in and leagues start forming :)

  • Will there ever be a way to turn up steering sensitivity? I have to turn my Logitech wheel more than 180 degrees to make it around the corner and I can't turn up the sensitivity any more through the driver. I'm not the only one with the problem.

  • So I noticed this glitch happens every now and then in the current version when there are multiple boats on the course (excuse the crap quality)


    This "white rectangular" blob pops up every now and then whenever more people pop up in the server. Sometimes It'll go away after a few races, other times it will never disappear.

  • @Scott-Przybylski so we ran quite a few heats tonight with 3, 4, and 5 people and noticed a couple things.

    -it seems that the version is much less buggy for some reason, I didn't experience any of the issues below when playing with that version and @CanYouFoush noticed the same.

    1. cowling rendering as a rectangle like @PeytonHopp showed above, as well as glitches in the overall skin

    2. sometimes when a race starts not everyone will make it into the same instance, the person will just be running by themselves and maybe see a glitched boat somewhere, this happened to me the other day and a couple people today.

    3. don't think anyone else has had the issue, but nicks controls keep changing mid race, so his camera will be facing left or behind all of a sudden...not sure if this is a game bug or not. I've noticed i sometimes have to go back and reset the controls a few times before

    1. when you are sitting in the race lobby the race members text appears to be cycling (really fast) here is a quick video

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    @kbest45 @PeytonHopp @CanYouFoush Thanks for the detailed bug reports! I'll be trying to address all the issues for the next release. I've already fixed the race standings sorting and the issues with the collision boxes being rendered.

  • @Scott-Przybylski do you have any thoughts on the camera view issue Nick is having? He just got a new wheel, so it may not be game related, but it seems odd the inputs seem to be changing mid race...

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    @kbest45 sounds odd, do they actually change to different buttons on the same wheel or does it just stop working?

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    I recently started putting issues into an issue tracker:

    Small updated, I started teaching myself how to use Blender for 3D modeling while working on new buoys.

    So far I've gotten these more realistic looking triangle buoys done:


    These were created in Blender by generating a high resolution pyramid, applying a cloth simulation to it and inflating it with a force field. I then created a low resolution model by shrink wrapping a sphere around the high resolution model. From there I
    baked a normal map texture for the low res model from the high res one.

    I'm currently working on the same process for the new start/finish cylindrical buoys.

  • Looks great!

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