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  • Ok,

    I've been running the Sim for a few weeks now and I've gotten most of it down, but I do have a couple of questions.

    #1 Steering Lock - I'm running a G27 with a rotation of 540, I've been told to lower that to turn better I've been as far down as 180, but whats a good Wheel rotation rate for these boats?

    #2 Canard - Up down? Watching the real guys run, they all seem to "flatten" or "raise" the Canard as they pick up speed. The Oberto seemed to be running full "flat" at Seafair, but that could just be an optical thing with the camera. Anyway, the real guys seem to be running flat at speed and then almost fully dropping the Canard in the corners. However, the sim seems to be different, I have to play with it on the straights and flatten it at turn in and then let it drop through the corner and then flatten it out again as I exit. Any tips on what the proper Canard trim should be?

    #3 Corners - Simply, do I lift for the turns or not? I know the Roostertail at Detroit you have to lift for and I have to lift to hold the Buoy line in the corners, but I'm not sure of the other turns. Onboards don't seem to be of any help as it sounds like they're fully on it the whole time. Also, what kind of speeds should I expect in the turns?

    I think that's it for now, I know I'll have more questions later.

  • I don't know about question 1, it really just comes down to personal preference.

    Canard trim just depends on water conditions. I wouldn't worry too much about how the real guys do it. Just play around with it. I use the canard to fly the boat and gain speed on the calmer courses, and work with it on places like Detroit and Guntersville to just keep the boat on the water.

    The only corner that you have to lift for right now is the Roostertail turn. Speeds depend on the corner, but it's usually around 115-130 depending on the lane and the turn

  • #1 I have a G920 wheel and I've played around with a few different rotation rates and it doesn't seem to make any difference with HydroSim. My suggestion is just keep playing with it the way it is and you'll get used to how much to turn the wheel. Hopefully down the road we'll be able to actually adjust that but for now I don't think it works.

    #2 @CanYouFoush is right about this. The game's physics aren't completely accurate so doing what they do in real life isn't the fastest in the game. You want to get as much air under the boat as you can without blowing over and it's easier to turn when the canard is down.

    #3 The only time I lift is in the roostertail turn or if I fly the boat too high and I need to lift to get the boat to come back down. Other than that it's foot to the floor all the time.

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