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  • I have a racing wheel (with pedals) and I've been trying to set it up so the pedals operate the throttle and/or the canard. I don't mind just using a button on the wheel as the throttle since there's not much throttle control needed, but the only thing I can get the pedals to do with the canard is angle it up. For the Input settings on "Canard" it let's me choose an axis so I can chose one of my pedals but that will only move the canard one direction; from neutral to all the way up. If I try to program the "Canard (+)" and "Canard (-)" it only lets me select a button, which is okay but it moves the canard very slowly so it's incredibly difficult to use the canard to fly the boat without flipping. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it something that needs fixed? Ideally I could use one pedal to move the canard up and the other pedal to move the canard down. That way it's much easier to control how far it's moving and I can move it much faster.

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    My guess is that your pedals share the same axis for each pedal. You may need to see if there is a way to set it to use split axis through the driver software.

    Making the Input settings more robust is on the TODO list, unfortunately Unity's old Input Manager doesn't expose a lot of needed functionality, so I need to look into 3rd party solutions or move everything to Unity 2018 (which I am in the process of doing right now) in order to use their new Input System which currently requires Unity 2018.2

  • It should be the same as the RT and LT buttons on an Xbox controller

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    @TinyBeard RT and LT on an xbox controller typically share the Z axis. At least on an Xbox 360 controller. One side goes from -1 to 0, the other side goes 0 - 1, if both are held down the same amount they cancel eachother out.

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