1 Pre-Season

  • 1.1 Registration
    • All drivers must register and drive in the league under their legal names and not screen names. This can be waived during non league races.
  • 1.2 Boat Declaration
    • For league competition, all drivers will declare their boats prior to the season starting through the driver registration form. Once you declare a boat, you will be obliged to stay in the announced boat for the entire duration of the season. No duplication of boats will be allowed either during league or non league events short of running hot laps on the server. Selection of boats will be determined by the order of registration. For those who have joined at a later date, ordering your preference of boats is suggested. Once a season has ceased, the order of the previous seasons points will determine the order for boat selection. For non league events however, announcing your boat on the yahoo board once an event has been scheduled will take priority. Whoever calls it first will have right of first refusal.

2 Pre-Race

  • 2.1 Event format
    • Qualifying, 3 heats of A&B heats (with C and D heats should the lineup be excessive), consolation, and Final. The winner of the main final will be the event’s overall winner but there may be exceptions where the overall points winner of accumulated days points is declared the winner. However if the event were to be run in this format, notification would be posted on the board prior to the event being run. Other modifications to the event format could be added at a later date. All laps must be completed for points to be awarded. Should you have a DNS or DNF, zero points will be given to that driver.
  • 2.2 Warmup Period
    • Warmups are allowed right until the designated time for the event to start. For league participation, this will be strictly enforced due to the number of participants from the Eastern time zone(s). Once the start time has been announced, qualifying will commence with no exceptions. For non league events, it will be up to the discretion of either the admin of the server or the participants. Note: During warmup, all drivers must adhere to the rules of competition. When leaving the pit area, you will enter onto the course only after passing to the right of the next to the last white buoy on the entrance to the straightway so as not to interfere with traffic entering the straightway at speed.
  • 2.3 Qualifying
    • There are four laps that comprise the qualifying session; one out lap, two qualifying laps, and one in lap. (Note due to how the game works, do not complete your in lap. Instead hit escape as soon as you finish your second timed lap.) You do not have to run two qualifying laps should you choose not to. However, no more than the four laps will be allowed. If you do exceed the four lap maximum, you will be disqualified from qualifying but be allowed to race. Qualifying will be used in the event of a tiebreaker for the final heat. The boat with the fastest one lap time will advance over the slower qualified boat. IE: If two boats are tied after the heats and one is to make the final heat and one be relegated to the consolation, the faster qualified boat would advance. Points will be awarded to boats qualifying that would go toward the high point season total but would not apply toward the event total.

3 Race

  • 3.1 Restarts
    • There will be ONE restart allowed during league races, as long as the restart is called for before the 3 minute mark on the clock. Should you be disconnected from the server, problems with your wheel, have a blowover or anything that prevents you from completing the race, there will be no exceptions to this rule!
  • 3.2 Milling (5 minute period)
    • The jockeying for position after the five minute gun is called milling.

    • 3.2.1: When leaving the pit area, you may enter the course anywhere so long as not to interfere with boats already on the course at speed.
      • (a) It is full responsibility of the driver entering the course to make a safe entrance. If a wreck occurs due to a driver entering the course poorly, depending on the severity, a 1 Lap penalty or Disqualification from the heat may be assessed.

    • 3.2.2: Cutting the course is allowed anywhere and anytime until 1 minute is left on the clock.
      • (a) Parking your boat in the infield is an automatic DNS
      • (b) Excessive driving in the infield will not be tolerated and will result in a 1 lap penalty. Excessive driving in the infield consists of willingly driving down the straights or turns to try and gain an inside lane advantage to a boat already occupying the inside lane.
      • (c) Cutting the course after the 1 minute mark will result in a 1 lap penalty.
      • (d) Once a boat has entered the infield, it no longer has right of way when re-entering the course. Therefore, it is full responsibility of the driver cutting the course to make sure it is clear (ie there is proper overlap) before re-entry.

    • 3.2.3: Minimum Speed - A minimum speed of 1mph will be enforced during milling.
      • (a) Any boat whose speed drops to 0mph during the milling period will receive a 1 lap penalty.
      • (b) Exception - If said boat is involved in an accident at the time of the infraction, the penalty can be waived at the referees discression.

    • 3.2.4: After leaving the pit dock, each boat shall pass the Start/Finish Line one (1) time at speed prior to the One Minute Period.
      • (a) Any boat not passing the Start/Finish Line one (1) time at speed shall start in the outside lane except at tracks where outside lane is prefered (Madison), you must trail the start.
      • (b) Failure to start outside or trail and not passing the Start/Finish Line at speed will result in a 1 Lap penalty.

    • 3.2.5: 1 Minute Buoy - All boats shall not pass the exit pin of Turn 1 (designated the 1 Minute Buoy) prior to the one minute mark on the clock.
      • (a) Boats passed the Score-up Buoy prior to the one minute period shall be required to legally traverse the course and pass the 1 Minute Buoy to be a legal starter.
      • (b) Failure to traverse the course, or illegally traversing the course (cutting) will result in a 1 lap penalty.
      • (c) Failure to pass the 1 Minute Buoy after the one minute mark will result in a 1 lap penalty.
      • (d) Prior to establishing a lane at the Score Up Buoy (below), a five (5) boat overlap will be in effect.

    • 3.2.6: Score Up Buoy - The score up buoy will be the yellow turn 2 entrance buoy.
      • (a) Exception - At Detroit, because turn 2 is so small, the score up buoy will be the last orange straight away buoy prior to the yellow entrance turn marker buoy.
      • (b) Once the score up buoy is passed, each driver must maintain their lane all the way through the start/finish line. After the start/finish line is crossed, all normal overlap rules are in effect.
      • (c) If a boat ahead of you occupies the lane you are in, you must move to the outside of that boat.
      • (d) In cases where a lead boat takes an outer lane, if an inside lane is available you may take it.
      • (e) Any overly aggresive attempt at stealing a lane, as determined by the referees, will be penalized with a 1 lap penalty.

    • Other than these, view the Racing rules header that also applies to this.
  • 3.3 Race Format
    • Heats will be of three lap duration. A consolation heat will be for all who are not among the top six in points after the heats have been run. The winner of the consolation heat will be the trailer boat in the final and only the winner will advance to the main. No points will be awarded for the consolation. As a trailer boat, you will need to be at least one roostertail behind the first boat at the starting line as the clock hits zero (approximately 3 seconds).
  • 3.4 Final Heat
    • The final will be a seven boat final. The top six in points for the day’s heats plus the winner of the consolation heat (see Format). The final will be a five lap race as opposed to the three lap heats and consolation.

4 Racing Rules

  • 4.1 Establishing Right-of-way
    • In order to establish right-of-way, the following procedure shall be used in overtaking another boat: The passing boat must establish a reasonable safe interval before gaining the right to choose a lane of travel. This rule shall hold true on turns as well as straightaways.
  • 4.2 Side by Side Racing
    • Competing boats shall maintain a safe lane for eachother. 1 lane consists of at least 2 boat widths. Any boat that fails to maintain 1 lane is said to encroach on the other boat's path, and may be subject to a 1 lap penalty or if repeat offenses occur a DQ can be asessed. (a) A safe interval or "overlap" is ten (10) boat lengths which is considered one roostertail.
  • 4.3 Bearing in and Bearing out
    • The lead boat has the right to set the arc through the turns. Upon entering the turn the lead boat is allowed to Bear in (drift to the inside) or Bear out (drift to the outside). The same is applied when exiting the turn, the boat ahead is allowed to Bear in or Bear out. However, the lead boat MUST leave lanes for any boats to the inside or outside of them or a 1 lap penalty will be assessed. Also, if this bearing in/out is found to be excessive, for instance drifting over more than 3 lanes, a 1 lap penalty will be assessed.
  • 4.4 Changing Lanes
    • On the straightaway, the passing boat must move at least ten (10) boat lengths ahead before altering its course to the buoy line. At that time, the boat being passed loses all rights until it re-establishes an overlap and shall, if necessary, slacken speed to avoid risks of collision.
    • Should the passing boat not have established the proper ten (10) boat interval before reaching the entrance buoy to a turn, an overlap shall not exist.
    • The overtaking or starboard boat must also establish right of way over all boats in lanes between itself and the course line.
  • 4.5 Blowovers
    • Should a blowover occur and your boat is disabled, do not exit out of the event and return to the pits. Leave the boat in the water and it will be considered a hazard in which to deal with. Once all the heat has concluded, you may return to the pits but only after all the boats have completed that heat.
  • 4.6 Rookies
    • If a driver has not competed in a previous UHL Event, they will be given a Rookie Status. What this rookie status means is that during the race, the rookie drivers must stay outside or trail behind the field. After completion of 1 full event. A vote by all the drivers will be taken. If a majority of the drivers believe that the Rookie has learned well enough to stick his nose in and race with everyone, they will be moved out of the rookie status. If the vote does not pass, they must run a full additional event as a rookie before moving out of rookie status. If a driver has completed any TNH modern events and has moved out of rookie status in that league they are given a free pass to race in the UHL.

5 Control aids and cheating

  • 5.1 Control aids
    • 5.1.1: A UHL hydroplane must get its control inputs directly from the driver's input device (racing wheel and pedals, game controller, or keyboard/mouse.)
    • 5.1.2: Use of non-rFactor software to automate or lock in place any control parameter is strictly prohibited. "Software" includes but is not limited to plugins, hardware drivers or utilities, and .ini files. "Control parameters" include throttle position, clutch position, brake position, and steering input.
    • 5.1.3: A boat seen to exhibit a constant engine RPM will be found to be in violation of this rule. A boat with its clutch and throttle under human control would exhibit some normal amount of variation in engine RPM.
    • 5.1.4: The clutch input is now considered a control aid and is banned from use. The below penalties will be enforced if anyone is caught using the clutch.
    • 5.1.5: Penalties: 1st instance will result in loss of qualification points or disqualification from a heat race. 2nd instance will result in disqualification from the heat and event, and a kick from the server. Any instance in a subsequent event will result in a ban from the server.
  • 5.2 Cheating
    • 5.2.1: Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. If caught cheating, punishment can range from DQ from the race to banishment from all UHL associated leagues. Punishment severity will be at the discretion of all league administrators.
    • 5.2.2: A driver found to be using any form of RAM cheat to alter vehicle values after joining the game will be in violation of this rule.

6 Points

  • Points are awarded for both qualifying and all non consolation heats (including the final).
  • 6.1 Qualifying
    • As stated earlier, points are given to the fastest qualifiers. These points do not apply toward the days total but will for the leagues high point title. They are awarded as follows:
    • PosPoints
      7 to Last.30
  • 6.2 Heats
    • All heats and finals will awarded points as follows:
    • PosPoints

7 Incidents

  • 6.1 Competition committee
    • Judges for each heat will be chosen from those not running in the current heat. Everyone in the race will be asked to judge at least one heat. There will be 3 to 4 judges chosen to watch the course for each heat. This is to help create a fair environment for everyone to race in.
  • 6.2 Penalties
    • The 1st instance of a lane violation or encroachment as described above will normally result in a 1 lap penalty. A violation observed to be particularly egregious or malicious may result in immediate disqualification from the heat, at the discretion of a majority of the competition committee.
    • The 2nd instance of lane violation or encroachment will result in disqualification from the heat.
    • Accumulation of 3 penalties over the course of an event will result in disqualification from the event.
  • 6.3 Chatter
    • Any chatter should take place after all the boats have finished the current race and prior to the start of the five minute gun for the next race. This applies to both any posted chatter within the game and any recorded voice on TeamSpeak or Ventrilo types. Any violations from another driver would be handled by the competition committee. If you are not satisfied with the findings of the competition committee, either get over it or find another place to race. A warning will be given should either the chatter be occurring during the racing. If this continues in either case, sitting out the next heat followed by probation, suspension and potentially expulsion if the matter is not addressed.